STEP 1 : Consultation & Requirements Gathering

We meet for a consultation to gather your requirements and understand how best to create a website that reflects you and meets your business objectives. First we talk domain names and web hosting. We determine the content and amount of imagery and multi-media that may be required for your site. At this point we also determine what functionality is required on the site i.e. Electronic Forms, Shopping Carts, Photo Slide Shows etc. Finally we get a sense of your target market and main objective of your site. Once understood and agreed, we can proceed.

STEP 2: Website Build & Content Population

We set up a WordPress account for you on a secure web server. A specific WordPress theme can be chosen if preferred, but mostly we like using the Nirvana theme for it’s flexibility and ease of use. Then we start to design and build the site based on your spec. Content is required from the client at this stage and this can include text, images and video. Once the site is about 40% designed (but not all content or functions added) we talk with you to see if you are happy with the visual aspect of things. If changes need to be made graphically or structurally at this stage, there is no problem. On sign-off we continue to build the remainder of the site based on the spec agreed.

Step 3: Web Marketing & End User Training

Once the site is complete we then add keywords to the code, add social media links and submit the site to Google for search engine visibility. Also we advise on how to advertise the site on-line or through more traditional methods. We then train you on how to use the WordPress CMS to update your site. The training session takes about an hour and we are always at hand for any support queries you may have.


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